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Art Coloring Painting 3D Puzzle Set for Kids Age 7+,4 Graphics + 12 Pens Per Box(9 types can be selected)


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  • 【3D PUZZLES LARGER SET ARCHITECTURE MODELS】 This 3D Art Coloring Puzzle Set includes a total of 4 Designs along with 12 Coloring Markers.
  • 【BENEFITS OF COLORING FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS】 Our 3D Art Coloring Puzzles are great for some handy artwork, relaxation therapy and cognitive health.Coloring Benefits for Children include Improved Motor Skills, Stimulation of Creativity, Enhanced Color Awareness, Recognition and Judgment, Improved Focus and Hand to Eye Coordination, and also Helps Learn about Boundaries, Structure and Spacial Awareness.
  • 【BENEFITS OF SOLVING PUZZLES FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS】 Children love these DIY puzzles and coloring activity that enhance creative abilities and promote color awareness while engaging the brain. Solving Puzzles Flexes Mental Muscles and Provides many Benefits for both Children and Adults including but not limited to Enhanced Memory, Focused Conentration, Accelerated Creativity, Improvement of the Entire Thought Process, Production of Dopamine and Meditation.
  • 【ILIKEDRESSES BRAND】: Our company is devoted to making sustainable and good-quality goods, keeping improving by continuously listen to customers' requirements. You are welcomed to contact us if you have any problems.
  • An Art Craft Fun for Both Kids and Audlts. Best Arts and Crafts Gifts.
  • 3D Puzzles, Art Coloring Bundle, Architects and Animals Models, is an exciting new arts and crafts activity for kids and adults.
  • 4 packs different 3D model puzzles are designed to engage kids with hours of artistic and educational fun.

  • Features:
  • Many different coloring puzzle designs (random shipment).
  • Includes coloring markers to let you unravel your creative potential.
  • The Build and Color aspect of the coloring puzzles help develop the cognitive system by improving focus, concentration, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.
  • Provides a great sense of accomplishment once finished and a beautiful decoration piece for your home.

  • Pattern Coloring:
  • Engage in a de-stress session and unleash your imaginative talent with your assembled creations and the colorful markers.
  • The coloring puzzles keeps you involved in a health-friendly fun activity that eases tension, improves color awareness and promotes emotional well-being.

  • Model Building:
  • Learn the art of patience and organization as you separate pieces from the puzzle and figure out where each piece goes in order to assemble.
  • This also provides an effective way to develop motor skills, pattern recognition, hand-eye coordination and build a better sense of structures.

  • Enjoy and Display:
  • Our coloring puzzles enable kids to develop high confidence and feel proud of their artistic deliverables.
  • Have fun collaborating with your friends and family and disconnect from your busy life and technology for a relaxing & soul-soothing session.

  • Package Includs:
  • 4 Sets different 3D Puzzle Models
  • 12 Gel Pen Marker Set

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