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Mini puzzle 150 pieces of small puzzles ,3 sets Value package combination. (You can freely choose the picture you like)

  • You can choose any 3 of the 40 patterns in the store to match your sets;
  • You only need to indicate your favorite number code in the order description (for example, the numbers shown in the picture are 02, 08, 16);
  • Please make sure to enter the numeric code, otherwise we will send it randomly;
  • paper
  • Well made quality puzzles -- The Small jigsaw puzzles are manufactured with 100% recycled paper. Compared with other puzzles, they are small mini and tiny puzzles. For everyone, this 150 pieces puzzles is the smallest of the puzzle in the world, very challenging and very difficult puzzles
  • Jigsaw Puzzles 150 pieces -- The puzzles for adults are include 3 pieces small parts puzzles, each with 150 pieces. Each pieces puzzles smaller than your finger. It could provide you hours of fun and entertainment piecing this incredible jigsaw puzzle together, an ideal pastime for everyone to enjoy. Completed puzzle dimensions: 6" x 4"/15*10cm (Not including frame)
  • Educational & Entertaining --- This set of jigsaw puzzle are made up of 150 pieces puzzles that display colorful artwork. Puzzle play promotes the development of fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and hand-eye coordination. It is recommended to save it as a collectible or used as a home decoration
  • Ideal compansion for travel --- This puzzles for adults are stored in a sturdy plastic test tube. Small size is easy to carry, and it is recommended to work with family or friends to help improve parent-child relationship or friendship. And it can also be used as a toy or as a gift (Birthday, Graduation, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine's day, Halloween, Christmas, New Year day and other events etc.)
  • Playing puzzles is a very useful game or activity. It can exercise people's patience, care, concentration, perseverance, observation, intelligence, etc.

  • Q: Is the puzzles tub plastic or glass?

  • A: It's a plastic tube package.

  • Q: Does the puzzle contain a photo frame?

  • A: None of the frame, only the 150 pieces puzzles.

  • Q:The actual size of the puzzles? Are they the super small pieces or a bit larger?

  • A: This puzzles is mini size. The finished size is: 6 x 4 inches(15 x 10 cm)

  • Q:The puzzle is missing, what should I do?

  • A:The puzzle is a plastic package, and the probability of missing the puzzle itself is extremely small. Most of the missing events are due to accidental loss or misspelling during the puzzle process. Therefore, please pay attention to the protection of the puzzle. If there are a missing puzzle after receiving the product, please tell us.
  • Free replacement of missing parts (no more than 15 pieces) within one year, you only need to pay a shipping fee of $7.

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