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Misozuri - Pleasant Maria Rose Lamp

Bring an intimate vibe to your room

If you are looking to bring a romantic setting to your room without putting much effort, then we have a décor for you! Misozuri can put even the gloomiest boyfriend into a romantic mood!

Every pink rose shines separately to bring a warm ambiance into your room. Misozuri is enough to keep the room lit but enough to bring a romantic setting for a heartfelt gathering.

When choosing our décor, you get only the best ambiance changers. Misozuri is bound to make your gathering unforgettable and the night romantically beautiful.

Why Misozuri is for you

Delicate beauty- Misozuri’s beauty makes you feel warmer and deciliter inside. The pink roses are too real not to lose your sight in them!

Romantic lighting- Set the tone for a romantic evening with your partner by letting Misozuri be the only light in the room. Magic is bound to happen!

A heartfelt décor- Place it in a room that needs change and feel how the ambiance morphs. With a warm lifelike light source, everything changes! 

Misozuri is the ultimate choice- Transformation doesn’t mean renovation! Let Misozuri’s warm lighting bring a romantic mood to your home!

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